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Front page! Boston Globe- Foster Prize Review

Thank YOU, Murray Whyte, for this dynamic art review of the Foster Prize @icaboston in the @bostonglobe : “…inviting knots of ebullient chaos… They feel like three-dimensional expressions of the vibrantly gestural abstract paintings that hang between and beneath them…In the exhibition text, Carew speaks of the hoary legacies of Abstract Expressionism ( turgid and overwrought, filtered through the effusive soundscapes of jazz, a mash-up that claims space in American art history for Black culture. The sculptural works in particular feel almost like a literal translation: Exuberant and inviting, they’re material tufts of free-spirited expression that you negotiate with your body in physical space. They are, quite literally, bundles of joy.”

I am elated and grateful! JUST. WOW. To read the full article see the link in my bio.🫀✨And congratulations to my fellow Foster Prize winners @yuwenwuart and @venetiadale And @m.ltaing YOUR gorgeous photo gives me Life💥 above all, thank you to Audrey and James Foster.

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So amazing! You are a force! ❤️🙏


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