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Praise Shadows Gallery

Chromatic Visions

Rashida Abuwala, Clint Baclawski, Cicely Carew, Daniela Rivera
curated by Praise Shadows Mentorship Program 
September 7 -30, 2022

Organized through the 2022 Praise Shadows Mentorship Program by teen curators Ana Hernández and Michael Sun with curatorial advisor Jen Mergel, the Gallery is proud to present Chromatic Visions. Featuring Rashida AbuwalaClint BaclawskiCicely Carew, and Daniela Rivera, the exhibition will be on view September 7 through 30, 2022. The public is welcome to the Opening Reception on Sunday, September 11 from noon to 2 pm.

The capacity to perceive color is a scientific phenomenon known as chromatic vision. But it is also something more poetic and subjective–with no two people seeing exactly alike. Through artists’ works employing color across their distinct embodied and cultural experiences, and across diverse materials and methods, this exhibition invites exploration of as many chromatic visions as there are expressive points of view, including yours. Chromatic Visions seeks to prompt open-ended questions about how color can stimulate both immediate reaction and deeper thinking.

Rashida Abuwala, Clint Baclawski, Cicely Carew, and Daniela Rivera create and combine with color so that we might feel our own perceptual, corporal, spatial, and political positions more keenly or personally. Defying traditional conventions of painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and drawing, they manipulate chromatic media to materialize a resonant sense of self, place, and power. Their works draw us through the gallery space with their bisecting glow, sound or lines to extend ideas of our relation to natural and social environments. Ultimately, through slicing and reassembling with color, they ask us to fill in the gaps to imagine new horizons.

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