At its core, my practice is about radical wonder and liberation. I am invested in a new paradigm of freedom and transformation of consciousness.  Each piece contains a record of the process, informing the next as a roadmap to bridging the heart and mind. Stories contain emergent themes of our human experience on a micro and macro level engaged with the language of abstraction. Materiality and experimentation emphasize the parallels of rigorous play and invention. A victorious color field suffused with linguistic mark-making, biomorphic shapes, torn edges, sinuous gestures, and embellishments celebrates the energy of risk-taking. Layers of paint and other materials consider the tensions of space, perception, and belonging. My practice asks for a willingness to believe in the cosmic makeup of our DNA and to locate ourselves in the constellation of infinite possibilities.



2020 MFA, Lesley Art + Design 

2005 BFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Solo Exhibitions

2020- Trustman Art Gallery, Simmons University, Boston, MA

2017&2018-Northeastern University, West Village Building H, Boston, MA

2017-Northeastern University, International Village, Boston, MA


Group Exhibitions

2020- MFA Thesis exhibition, Lunder Arts Center, Cambridge, MA

2019- Dear So and So, Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA

2019- Postcards to Fay, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2019- Color in Bloom, The Art Connection, Boston, MA

2019- Emerging Artists Exhibition, CAA, Cambridge, MA

2018- Summer Invitational, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

2018- "Something You ____ Is almost Gone",VanDernoot Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2018- Faculty Show, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2017- Cambridge Arts Council CSArt Harvest, Google Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

2017- CSArt Showcase, Lunder Arts Center, Cambridge, MA

2017- Open Studios Preview Showcase Exhibition, CAA, Cambridge, MA  

2013- “Amor y de Otras Cosas”, Colectivo de Arte C7, Plaza Loreto, Mexico, MX

2013- “Primavera En Plaza Cuicuilco”, Colectivo de Arte C7, Cuicuilco, Mexico, MX


2018- What Lies Within, Northeastern University, Boston, MA


2018- Sustainable Arts Foundation 

2017-Strauch-Mosse, Lesley Art + Design, Cambridge, MA

2017- Public Artist, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

2017- CSArt, Cambridge Arts Council-, Cambridge, MA

2005-CWOW Emerging Artists Program runner-up, New York, NY


2017- Northeastern University, Boston, MA

2005-2012 Massachusetts College of Art +Design Admissions Collection, Boston, MA



2018- Artists in Action

2018- Los Angeles Family Housing

2017- Los Angeles Family Housing 

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