At its core, my practice is about radical wonder and hope. The intersection of materiality and formal elements of painting inform my process of making. The current body of work explores the everflowing cycles of energy, time, movement, and perception. I use my art to convey my complex wholehearted journey toward freedom.  Each piece contains a record of the process and informs the next, telling a story through vibrant color, rebellious mark marking, lines, shapes, and sweeping gestures to capture the fleeting magic of the Now.



2020 MFA (pending) Lesley Art + Design (expected Jan 2020)

2005 BFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Solo Exhibitions

2017&2018-Northeastern University, West Village Building H, Boston, MA

2017-Northeastern University, International Village, Boston, MA


Group Exhibitions

2018- Summer Invitational, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

2018- "Something You ____ Is almost Gone",VanDernoot Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2018- Faculty Show, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2017- Cambridge Arts Council CSArt Harvest, Google Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

2017- CSArt Showcase, Lunder Arts Center, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

2017- Open Studios Preview Showcase Exhibition, Cambridge Arts Association  

2013- “Amor y de Otras Cosas”, Colectivo de Arte C7, Plaza Loreto, Mexico

2013- “Primavera En Plaza Cuicuilco”, Colectivo de Arte C7, Cuicuilco, Mexico

2007- “African Diaspora Art”, Taina Gallery -Montgomery, AL

2006- “Surrealism” White Space Gallery- New Haven, CT

2005- “Senior Art Exhibition” Massachusetts College of Art -Boston, MA

2005- “Word Of Mouth” Drawing Collective, RHYS Gallery -Boston, MA



2018- What lies within, Northeastern University, Boston, MA


2018- Sustainable Arts Foundation 

2017-Strauch-Mosse, Lesley Art + Design, Cambridge, MA

2017- Public Artist, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

2017- CSArt, Cambridge Arts Council-, Cambridge, MA

2005-CWOW Emerging Artists Program runner-up, New York, NY



2017- Northeastern University, Boston, MA

2005-2012 Massachusetts College of Art +Design Admissions Collection, Boston, MA



2018- Artists in Action

2018- Los Angeles Family Housing

2017-   Los Angeles Family Housing 

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