about ME

Personal Statement:

At its core, my practice is about radical joy and liberation. I am invested in a new paradigm of freedom and

expanded consciousness.  Each piece contains a record of the process, informing the next as a roadmap to bridging the heart and mind. Stories contain emergent themes of our human experience on a micro and macro level engaged with the language of abstraction. Materiality and experimentation emphasize the parallels of rigorous play and invention. A victorious color field suffused with linguistic mark-making, biomorphic shapes, torn edges, sinuous gestures, and embellishments celebrates the energy of risk-taking. Layers of paint and other materials consider the tensions of space, perception, and belonging. My practice asks for a willingness to believe in the cosmic makeup of our DNA and to locate ourselves in the constellation of infinite possibilities.


Cicely Carew spent her formative years in Los Angeles surrounded by artists, writers, sculptors, photographers, and teachers. She moved to Boston for her undergraduate degree at MassArt, and after stints in New York,  Mexico, and on the West Coast, returned for her MFA at Lesley Art + Design in Cambridge, MA. Exuberant in its colorful forms, Cicely's work is, in her words, "about radical joy and liberation." 

Cicely has received several honors and grants over the years, such as the Cambridge Art Association's Emerging Artist's Exhibition award, the Sustainable Arts Foundation award, Strauch-Mosse Merit Scholarship Award, and a Cambridge Arts Council grant. Carew's work is in private, corporate, and University collections. She currently lives in Cambridge, MA, with her son.

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