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Newport Art Museum

Call & Response
curated by Francine Weiss

October 17, 2020 - February 7, 2020      

Call & Response

The “Call & Response” exhibition showcases innovative works of art by regional artists while offering a glimpse of the Museum’s collection through fresh eyes. The Newport Art Museum is home to over 2,700 works of art including prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures, paintings, textiles, and decorative arts. For this exhibition, regional artists working in a diverse array of media were invited to plumb the Museum’s collection for creative inspiration with the goal of creating an original work of art, in any medium, in response to a museum object. This exhibition features each artist’s imaginative work of art beside the collection work to which it responds. 

Participating artists include:

Cicely Carew, Donnabelle Casis, Jill Colinan, Becci Davis, Holly Gaboriault, Amy Giese, Kevin Gilmore, Jungil Hong, Molly Kaderka, Rachel Loischild, Saberah Malik, Anna McNeary, Kelsey Miller, Mara Trachtenberg, and Max Van Pelt.

Collection artists include:

James Baker, Donna Bruton, Francis Adams Comstock, Howard Gardiner Cushing, Bob Dilworth, Amano Kunihiro, John La Farge, Rania Matar, Joseph Norman, Palmer Family, Lissa Rivera, Hugh Townley, Claudia Widdiss.

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